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Tutoring your child

Why provide tutoring for your child?

Tutoring has a number of benefits, whether your child is a high flyer or is one that struggles within main stream education.

If you have a high achiever you may feel that the school they attend isn’t able to cater for your child’s individual needs and isn’t able to push your child to their limits, achieving the best they can within the constraints of the classroom environment. Tutoring in this case would be able to focus on teaching your child new techniques and topics, enabling to progress at their rate and not that of the classes. You will also find that tutoring raises both the child’s confidence and self-esteem within the classroom.

If your child is at the lower end and struggles to get to grips with modern teaching methods then tutoring allows them to work at their own pace, developing techniques that work for them, that they can use in everyday situations, allowing them to progress at their rate and not feeling like they are being left behind. You will also notice a difference in their self confidence and self esteem, both when tackling homework and within the classroom at school.

Whether you are focusing on the 11+, end of Key Stage 2 SATs or whether your child just needs a little extra help, please get in touch via our website, email or phone so we can discuss your child’s needs further.

KS2 English and Maths

Key Stage 2 English and Maths tutoring covers all aspects of the curriculum, including Comprehension, SPaG and creative writing and Fractions, Multiplication, Time, Percentages and much more. To find out more click on the link below.

11 Plus Tutoring

Targeted tuition and practice provides your child with the knowledge and skills needed to help them pass. Getting your child familiar with the types and styles of questions within the exam, and practicing with exam papers and test questions.

11 Plus Private School

The majority of private schools have entrance examinations which are generally based upon the 11 Plus examinations. Find out more and book tuition for your child if they are looking to take the entry examination for a private school.

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SEN Tutoring

Children with special educational needs often benefit from one to one tuition. Improvements are generally seen in their ability to work within a school environment, in their general confidence and as a result their performance.

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Is English your second language and are your looking to improve your English to acquire an accredited qualification? If you’d like to find out more about tuition in all aspects of the English language including written, spoken and listening then get in touch. 

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