KS2 English and Maths

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KS2 English and Maths

Whether your child is working below, at or above the standard expected, KS2 English and Maths tutoring has a number of benefits.

For those who a falling behind in their literacy and numeracy, tutoring can be the boost needed to bring them up to standard, raising their confidence and self esteem, as well as teaching them new techniques and reinforcing what is taught in school.

For those working at, or above the expected standard, tutoring can again help with confidence levels and self esteem. It will reinforce what is taught in school but will also introduce topics new to your child, as they are pushed to achieve the best they can.

If you are thinking that English and Maths tutoring might benefit your child please get in touch.

For KS2 English and Maths tuition, resources will need to be purchased. All resources are available from my Westcountry Tutors Amazon Store and you will be notified of which resources your child will need and when.

Booking KS2 English and Maths

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11 Plus Tutoring

Targeted tuition and practice provides your child with the knowledge and skills needed to help them pass. Getting your child familiar with the types and styles of questions within the exam, and practicing with exam papers and test questions.

11 Plus Tutoring

Admission Information

All the information you need to know about admission to the 11 Plus schools including exam types, number of places at each school, which examination group is used, key dates for exams and admissions and open events run by each school.

Admission Information

Booking Tuition

Booking tuition with Westcountry Tutors is easy. Simply decide on the type of tuition you’d like and then complete the relevant contact form, or call us on 01822 617344 to find out more.

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