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I’m Ellie, a Westcountry Tutor. Welcome to my business Westcountry Tutors. We help children to learn, grow and achieve!

My background in education

Born in the city of Plymouth, I have never travelled far from home. I attended Montpelier Infants and Junior Schools before taking the 11 plus and gaining a place at Devonport High School for Girls.

After I left Devonport High I continued my studies in Plymouth attending Marjons where I did my B.Ed. in secondary PE and Religious Studies, graduating in 2000 with an Upper Second.

Whilst teaching I have continued to study and have recently started my Masters of Education (M.Ed) with the Open University.

My teaching experience

I have taught in two schools, Exmouth Community College and Sir James Smith’s Community School, Camelford, where I have taught a variety of subjects including PE, RE, ICT, Citizenship, Maths and Science all up to GCSE level, (and A-level PE).

I also have a strong interest in Special Educational Needs and have taught many mixed ability classes, catering for those that are gifted and talented and those whose basic literacy and numeracy skills are far weaker than their peers.

I am currently working as a Supply Teacher in Devon and Plymouth across all key stages.

Westcountry Tutors

Westcountry Tutors was set up in 2013, to help parents find a qualified teacher to help their children outside of school time, or during the day to help and assist parents who home school their children.

Someone who knows the curriculum and can deliver it in a variety of ways to enable their child to learn, grow in confidence and achieve their best.

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