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11 Plus Tutoring

I have very vivid recollections of taking the 11 Plus exam (where in those days the whole class took the exam in the classroom) and the day the brown envelope was handed out to each child with the results in.

With my eldest son about to start year 5 in September 2013, I realised when researching the 11 Plus that very little has actually changed.

The exams have remained similar in style but have been reduced to just Maths and English, plus an English exam set by the schools. The main thing I noticed was the lack of suitably qualified 11 Plus tutors in my home town of Tavistock and the surrounding areas of West Devon, Plymouth and South East Cornwall.

Children require stable tuition from those with experience in teaching, which not only helps your child in their subject knowledge but also in understanding the layout and language of the examinations.

My tutoring is based on teaching your child the skills they will need to complete the exams as well as practicing examination techniques in the run up to the practice and real 11 Plus.

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11+ Resources!

Old sayings are generally the best and one of those that is applicable to all types of learning, especially the 11 Plus is “Practice Makes Perfect”.

Targeted tuition and practice provides your child with the knowledge and skills needed to help them pass. To ensure that they are familiar with the styles and types of questions within the exam, they will need to practice with exam papers and test questions.

For this purpose, there are various resources that can and that will be needed to be purchased, to help them to achieve their goal.

Not all resources currently on sale will be required by your child. I will always inform you of which resources are required for tuition sessions and can help you decide which of the other available resources are best to help aid learning at home.

Feel free to browse our Westcountry Tutors Amazon store and ask questions if you are unsure about which materials are suitable for your child.

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